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Completion Report

Dear ACPEQ members and friends,


You must demonstrate to the Minister that your learning project is being implemented and that your child is progressing according to his or her abilities and learning project.

Submission of the Completion Report

As stipulated by the Homeschooling Regulation in section 16, you must provide the Minister with a completion report by June 15 after the beginning of the implementation of your child’s learning project.

Parents must send the Minister a written final report on their child’s progress by June 15 after the beginning of the implementation of the learning project. For example, for a learning project starting on September 30, 2018, the final report on the child’s progress is due on June 15, 2019.
(Homeschooling – Questions and answers – Monitoring and homeschooling – What steps should parents take if they choose to homeschool their children for the 2018-2019 school year?)

The completion report demonstrates the progress your child has made since the mid-term report.

You may use this Completion Report Template. Please refer to the Guide for further information.


The Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur is responsible for monitoring homeschooling. It receives the notice sent to the Minister, examines the child’s learning project and ensures that the requirements concerning the implementation of the project and the evaluation of the child’s progress are met. 
(Homeschooling – Questions and answers – General questions – Who should parents contact about homeschooling? What are the roles of the Ministère and the school boards? )

The options for evaluating your child’s learning progress as presented in section 15 of the Regulations are:

  1. an evaluation by the competent school board, including an examination by the school board;
  2. an evaluation by a private educational institution;
  3. an evaluation by the holder of a teaching license;
  4. an examination by the Ministry;
  5. a portfolio.

Documents from de DEM

For your information, here are some documents that were provided by the DEM.

DEM – Completion report

DEM – The portfolio submitted to the Minister – Avril 2019


List of professionals and specialists

To support homeschooling parents, ACPEQ offers its members a List of professionals and specialists.

Note that we are unable to endorse the recommendations we have received and that this publication is for information purposes only.

We invite you to submit contact information for professionals and specialists with whom you have had a positive experience. If you are a professional or specialist yourself, you are also invited to submit your own contact information.

Consult the List of professionals and specialists

Recommend a professional or specialist


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ACPEQ is composed of dedicated volunteers who generously invest their time and talents to advance and support the cause of homeschooling.

A large number of volunteer families within ACPEQ is essential to enable us to offer the services that support homeschooling, improve support for members, and create a welcoming atmosphere in our association. A wide volunteer base is what will permit us to influence the next generation of homeschooling families. Be involved – become an ACPEQ volunteer.



Patrice Boileau, Eng., MBA


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