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Pre-order Service from Guérin


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Guérin offers a 50% discount to conference attendees

Orders must only be submitted via fax (514-842-4923) or email (manon.angell@guerin-editeur.qc.ca)

Orders must be received by Guérin at the latest, 10 business days before the conference (before May 24, 2019). No order will be prepared after this date.

The items in your order must be grouped by publisher (ie: Guérin, Lidec, La Pensée,…).

A package and a receipt will be prepared and addressed to the client. The client must pick up and pay for the entire order at the conference venue. If the client does not pick up his order, it will be considered as cancelled. Therefore if it is requested the order be shipped after the conference, the 50% discount will not be applied.

Moreover, we cannot place an order in our name and have someone else pick it up. The 50% discount is only for those physically present at the conference.

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