Hester VanBraeden

Classical Education Books

Hester is a second-generation home-educating parent who is keenly aware that her own education is not complete, and comfortable that it probably never will be. She has many years of experience with children, books, and curriculum. She loves to travel to worlds and times beyond the present with her children through many books. Hester and her husband have four children and live in the lower mainland of BC.

Wednesday, May 5, 11:00 am

Language: Art or Science?

From their earliest years, children can experience all the arts of language through reading aloud. Children have a large capacity to listen and speak. We can work with that naturally as we teach them to use language and form ideas about the world around us. The art of language shapes what we think and how we act. In other words, it impresses our moral imagination. The science of language, or linguistics, is a very important aspect of language. But how do we teach it? Join me as I ramble on about these things. And let me know your thoughts on how you can better incorporate reading as the primary tool for teaching language, while building and strengthening relationships.