Nicole McCloud

USBORNE / Raising Book Loving Kids

Nicole McCloud was homeschooled from K- Grade 12. She grew up surrounded by Unit Studies from a young age. Her favourite was always studying the human body… which made sense as she then went on to become a midwife, working oversees as well as in Ontario as a midwife. Once having her own children, homeschooling was something she knew they would want to do with their kids. Nicole now runs the facebook group Homeschool the Early Years in Canada and Raising Book-Loving Kids– both active communities for homeschoolers that are looking for inspiration and encouragement.

Wednesday, May 5th, 1:30 pm

Homeschooling the Early Years

Are you looking to homeschool the early years (JK- Grade 3) and wondering where to begin? Do you want to make sure your kids don’t « fall behind » but also want to inspire a love of learning in your children? Imagine being able to facilitate your kids « learning » without having to fight with them to complete workbooks. Nicole McCloud, will share how she grew up being homeschooled using unit studies and how she uses this as the foundation for homeschooling her three children in these early years.