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Sinead Roy was a homeschool parent for 22 years. During some of these years, she was also the director of The Servant’s House Christian Academy – an alternative school with a ministry permit in Quebec. Her three children have graduated from homeschool and are pursuing their careers/educational paths of choice. Sinead is also the Director of Quebec Online School, working with hundreds of new and veteran homeschool families every day.


Mercredi le 5 mai, 13 h 30

Preparation for Ministry Exams in Quebec

In May/June of 2022, ministry exams will become compulsory in Quebec. We will help you understand which exams are mandatory, what to expect in a ministry exam, how to find resources to prepare and online courses that are available.

Mercredi le 5 mai, 13 h 30

Post-Secondary Options for Homeschoolers in Quebec

There are many post-secondary options available for homeschoolers in Quebec, whether your child plans to enter the work force directly, follow a trade, go to Cegep or University. In this workshop we will explore some of these options and help you see the different ways to prepare.

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Sinéad Roy