Association of Christian Parents-Educators of Québec

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Registration with the school board

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Dear members and friends of ACPEQ,

The ACPEQ has been informed that some member families are subject to a notice to register their child with the school board or at the neighborhood school even though they have notified the Minister of their intention to attend school. house last September.

However, it seems that these opinions are misunderstandings since families are still in the databases of the school boards. As a result, these families may inadvertently receive an enrollment request from the school board during the January / February enrollment period.

ACPEQ worked with the DEM to resolve the situations that were brought to our attention. If your school board contacts you, please let us know so that we can help you respond to school board communications.

Patrice Boileau, Ing. MB

Volunteers Wanted

I believe in it! I'm getting involved!

ACPEQ is made up of dedicated volunteers who generously contribute their time and talents.

The involvement of more families in ACPEQ makes a difference to allow us to offer additional services that support our activities, improve member support, and create a welcoming atmosphere in our association. This involvement is particularly timely in helping to influence the outcome of the next generation of practices in homeschooling. Be avant-garde, volunteer for ACPEQ.

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