Workshops on the status and mid-term reports.

Help at your fingertips

ACPEQ offers its members assistance in drafting their status and mid-term reports.

As decreed by the regulation on home schooling, all parent educators must submit a status report and a mid-term report for each of their children educated at home. ACPEQ wants to be there for you, and help you understand what each of the two documents represents, as well as help you sort out what information is important or relevant to include and what is unnecessary.

To do so, we invite you to register for one of the three workshops that will be offered between December and February. According to the regulations, these documents must be sent between the 3rd and 5th month following the beginning of the implementation of your learning project.

Our facilitators will be there to answer your questions and guide you to the best of their ability.

Prerequisites to attend the workshops :

  • Be a member of ACPEQ
  • Register for workshops before the deadline
  • Have started working on your status report and mid-term report to the best of your ability. Indeed, our facilitators are not there to do it for you or with you at the same time, but to guide you through the process and answer your questions. We therefore encourage you to go as far as you can. However, if you don’t know where to start, you can register for more than one workshop. This could help you start the process and then come back a second time, ask your questions and refine your documents.
  • If you already have questions, you can send them in advance so that our facilitators are already prepared to answer them. To do so, fill out the “my questions for the facilitator” section of the registration form.

The workshops are over! Thank you for your participation! We hope we helped you.

See you next year!

Fiche d’inscription
2020- First Workshop on the status report and mid-term review

Why do we ask for your phone number?
We ask for your phone number so that we can contact you quickly if a technical problem occurs when you connect to Zoom. We will then be able to try to help you as best we can so that you can take full advantage of the workshop.

Choose a date
Would you like to ask a question in advance about the status report and mid-term review to the workshop facilitator?


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