Claire Maria Ford

Claire Maria Ford is a translator, English teacher, author, and coach. She has over 25 years of teaching experience in public and private, Christian and secular settings. As an adoptee who struggled with mental health challenges and having a child with learning disabilities, she has made it her mission to better understand the causes, effects, and strategies for overcoming them in order to live a better life herself and, most importantly, to meet the special needs of her students.

Mercredi le 5 mai, 15 h 30

Conçu pour étonner

Lors de cet atelier interactif, on parlera de l’unicité des moyens d’apprentissage de chaque enfant, et de la façon de se servir de cette unicité en vue de permettre à chacun de faire des choses étonnantes.

Thursday, May 6th, 15 : 30 am

Wired for Amazing

During this highly interactive workshop, we will discuss the ways each student is wired to learn differently and how to leverage that unicity for amazing things.