All Hands On Deck!

Bread may be delicious and nutritious, but it requires ALL HANDS ON DECK to sow, reap, grind the grain and watch over the different stages of its production.

In the same way, your association, ACPEQ, calls upon volunteer members in all aspects of its work. Do you appreciate the services provided by ACPEQ? It is thanks to the time, talents and passion invested by other members like you. Why not come and help out too? Together, several small contributions will help us achieve our mission: to provide leadership on the home school scene in Quebec and to offer support, resources and assistance to families in the community.

We know our members are busy, so we are asking for a small contribution from you. For example, for the Conference, we have several small, short-term tasks to assign. It is your chance to get your hands dirty!

Our needs for the conference are people to:

  • Translate biographies and workshop descriptions: either from French to English (2 to 4 people) or English to French (2 to 4 people) before the Conference. These are short texts (1 to 2 paragraphs)
  • Act as interpreters from English to French (2 to 4 people) during one or more of the four sessions of the Conference on Saturday, May 1
  • Act as moderator for the live workshops during the Conference (minimum 20 people). There are an average of 5 sessions per day X 6 days in French and English – You can moderate one or more sessions depending on your availability.
  • Serve as moderator for the private FB group for participants during the Conference (2-4 people)
  • Help design and maintain the website before and during the Conference – good knowledge of WordPress and Elementor (1-2 people)
  • Edit videos before and during the Conference (2 to 4 people)

No need to be an expert in the field: it can even be an opportunity to learn more! By drawing on the talents of many people from various backgrounds, we ensure that this volunteer work does not rest on just a few shoulders and that it strengthens our ability to meet members’ needs. Everything we learn through volunteer work then enriches our lives. Bread tastes even more delicious when you are involved in making it.

Volunteers for the Conference receive rebates on conference fees (up to a complimentary registration). 

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