Association of Christian Parent-Educators of Quebec


We’re here for the families!

Praying, is like breathing! Join Sylvie V. for the ACPEQ prayer meeting, Thursday, April 11, at 8 PM.  Click here for the Zoom link
  • Pray for unity in our families and marriages: that God would help us honour, serve,  and especially love each other.
  • Pray for educational liberty: to develop familial bonds and teach our children to honour God.

Ideas for writing!

I would like to share several tips that I have discovered over the years to entice and encourage my children to write and develop their writing skills. Of course, they don’t always like the themes I suggest, but I have noticed that they are proud of themselves when they manage to produce a piece of writing, even if they don’t want to let it show. They gain something from it and their skills improve significantly.

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