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A Word from the President – June 2022

A multi-association meeting, accompanied by Jodler, was recently held with representatives of the DEM. We discussed several topics that we hope will allow the DEM to improve its practices and ways of doing things, and to add resources to facilitate our role as parent-educators.

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Praying, is like breathing! Join Sylvie V. for the ACPEQ prayer meeting, Monday, June 13, at 8 PM.  Click here for the Zoom link
  • Pray for unity in our families and marriages: that God would help us honour, serve,  and especially love each other.
  • Pray for educational liberty: to develop familial bonds and teach our children to honour God.

A Time to Rest

Though this advice from experienced parents is full of wisdom, it can be difficult to put it into practice. Either because new parents want to prove to themselves that they can do it alone, or because the family does not have a “village” to help educate their children. In both scenarios, it is the physical and mental exhaustion of the mother and the breakdown of the parent-child hierarchy that threaten the family’s balance.

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