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A Long and Rocky Road


A few weeks ago, we went through a rather difficult situation when illness invaded our family and two of my children had to be hospitalized, one after the other. On that occasion, everything seemed to fall apart at the same time…

While I was in the emergency room with my 3 year old daughter, every minute seemed long, even endless… I watched helplessly as my child suffered, unable to do anything but wait.

Suddenly, I thought of the song: “Day by Day”, in the third verse… “Help me, Lord, WHEN, TOIL AND TROUBLE MEETING, E’er to take, as from a father’s hand …” That was how I felt; the path was so long and rocky, toil and  trouble had beset me …

Yes, sometimes our path of life and homeschooling is littered with obstacles. Weariness sets in, trouble follows, a bad season stretches on…

A teenager with a rebellious attitude causes trouble.
A baby of a few months old wakes up in a state of agitation several times a night.
Financial difficulties become worrisome.
A young person is no longer motivated to do any academic work.
Arguments in the home make the atmosphere heavy and bitter.
A child has intense needs and an explosive temper.
A teenager repeatedly lays blame at the feet of their parents.
A dyslexic boy is not making any progress in his learning.
Children who are close in age are draining the energy of an already exhausted mother.
A mother experiences severe depression after another miscarriage.
A father is absent all day and does not want to invest in the care of the children.
One parent’s work environment is stifling and they are suffering from unfair discrimination.
A beloved grandparent is seriously ill…

The list could be very long!

But amidst all these trials and along this lengthy path, Jesus is there, close by… He holds our hand, even when we don’t realize it. The road is bumpy and exhausting, but we must keep trusting that God will deliver us from our afflictions and tribulations.

Let us pray that God will lead us through this difficult period, one hour at a time, one moment at a time, by His grace… to find more pleasant days ahead!

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Prier, c’est comme respirer!

Joignez-vous à Sylvie V. pour la rencontre de prière de l’ACPEQ, le 2e lundi du mois 20 h.   Cliquer ici pour obtenir le lien Zoom.

  • Prions pour l’unité dans nos couples et dans nos familles : Que Dieu nous aide à nous honorer les uns les autres, à nous servir l’un et l’autre et surtout à nous aimer.
  • Prions pour notre liberté éducative : pour développer ces liens familiaux et enseigner à nos enfants ce qui honore notre Dieu.