Workshops for exam preparation

You are invited to a Zoom meeting during which Élisa Soulières will present her company,, and the virtual (or in-person) workshops available on exam preparation for :

A Word from the President – December 2021

As we approach the holiday season when we celebrate the birth of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ, many are preparing children to take the ministerial examinations.

The conditions under which we are required to take these exams may seem excessive, unfair, and unjust. In spite of this, I encourage you to persevere and to urge your resource person to insist on changes from the school boards and service centers.

#OurStoriesOurVoices National Contest

Canada’s National History Society is proud to introduce #OurStoriesOurVoices, a new national youth program that gives students aged 9 to 18 the opportunity to explore a story that is important in their community’s past and to share the people, places, events, and things that illuminate our diverse past.

A little motivation, please!

If you’ve been homeschooling for some time, you may have experienced a drop in motivation and drive in your children and yourself at certain times of the year. You have probably experienced days when everything seems to go wrong: the teenagers complain, the little ones fight, everyone bickers and the noise level is intense… Days when you would like to go and live on a deserted island, to put it simply!

Online tool for families

ACPEQ is pleased to be involved with the home school community, supporting families and, enriching homeschooling in Quebec. This section is entirely devoted to resources for members such as support for parent educators, instructional documents, informative videos and information sessions.

Resources to (re)discover: An Online tool to help families