Online support group

Un café avec un livre

ACPEQ’s online support groups exist to allow all our members to have access to a support group. There is currently one francophone and one anglophone group.

There is no support group in your area? Your daily schedule is too busy, and you are unable to travel to participate in activities? Then these groups are made for you!

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Online prayer group

Un Phare

On many occasions throughout the Bible, we are invited to pray.

Through prayer, we can stand before the throne of grace of our God to express our gratitude and love for Him.
Through prayer, we share our concerns and questions with Him.
Through prayer, we agree to hand over to God things that are too big for us We hand over our burdens to Him and accept to trust Him.

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Become an ACPEQ member to participate to our online events !

As a member, you will :

● Add your voice to those who want to maintain the freedom to homeschool in Quebec ;

● allow your values as a member of ACPEQ to be represented to the provincial government ;

● participate in the support and development of home schooling in Quebec ;

● join an increasingly dynamic network via regional support groups, or join our online support group ;

● have access to our graduation ceremony (during the congress), for your high school graduates ;

● and more!