Association of Christian Parent-Educators of Quebec


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There are many benefits to you by becoming a member of the ACPEQ : 

  • Join an increasingly dynamic network through regional support groups (where a volunteer is available to organize a group);
  • Have access to our graduation ceremony (at the conference) for your high school graduates;
  • Be able to join our Facebook group for members only;
  • Have access to the members-only section of our website
  • Be able to download workshops and conferences at no extra cost;
  • Be able to view the list of educational resources;
  • Get expert advice from our affiliations
  • Take advantage of a $35 discount on your annual HSLDA contribution
  • and more!


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As an association, we strive to provide our members with tools to help them in their homeschooling. Whether it’s online workshops, support groups, prayer evenings, special activities or new information about DEM, we can best inform you through the newsletter.

Professionals and specialists to support parent educators

Professionals and specialists, parent-educators need you!

You are a professional or educational specialist and would like to offer your services to the parent educators of the ACPEQ? Do you believe in their mission? Fill out the census form below. You will bless the members of our association!

You are not a professional or a specialist, but you know some who believe in homeschooling? Please provide us with their contact information in the form below.

ACPEQ Calendar

Do you wish to be informed about ACPEQ's upcoming activities? You can now integrate ACPEQ's Google calendar with your own!

Annual Conference

The ACPEQ conference is the annual meeting of Quebec's parent educators.

Renew your strength, be encouraged, supported and advised.

Discover new ideas from experienced home education speakers and parents.

Review the educational materials presented at the exhibitors' show.

This annual meeting is the most important home school event in Quebec. This is the ideal place for anyone who is thinking of homeschooling or who is interested in this way of education.

Online Training Workshops

Become a member and get help online, by attending our training workshops!

Throughout the year, ACPEQ strives to offer its members training workshops on various topics, depending on the availability of our volunteers.

- The Learning Project
- Mid-term review and status report
- The portfolio
- etc.

Members also have access to workshops in French, maths and English, depending on the availability of the professionals we hire who wish to support parent educators.

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Support groups

Support Groups for our members!

Among the resources available to our members, access to support groups in several locations across the province of Quebec allows networking among parent educators.

Each group operates in its own way, led by a volunteer group leader who listens to the needs of its members.

Whether to be encouraged in faith, in your home school project or in your role as a parent, support groups are an essential and appreciated resource of our members throughout Quebec.

Facebook Group

Join our community of parent educators on Facebook!

ACPEQ has a Facebook group reserved for its members, where it is possible to exchange, seek support, share and discover new resources, and more!

Our activities are also shared in this private group. Several regional ACPEQ support group pages are also linked to our Facebook page so that members from the same region can get in touch with each other.

Our partners

The Canadian Legal Association for Home Schools (HSLDA) is a pan-Canadian organization that empowers, protects and encourages home-schooling families across the country.