Many evaluation alternatives are available for parents of elementary-aged children. For those who opt for the portfolio, we have put together some information we hope will be helpful in putting one together… in no time at all! We remind you that any legal issues should be dealt with through HSLDA and that the suggestions that follow do not replace any legal advice provided by HSLDA with regards to evaluation for your personal situation.

 What is a Portfolio?

The portfolio is simply a folder, a file, in short, a personalized document that shows a collection of some of the academic work and projects your child has accomplished which are  n indication of his/her progress.

The Advantages of a Portfolio

There are so many advantages to the portfolio! First of all, what a treat for a child to see all that was accomplished and that demonstrates his/her achievements. Imagine how proud he/she will be in seeing this sampling that is representative of his/her efforts! Finally, because the portfolio is by definition a personalized document, there is little room for competition (among siblings, with a neighbour, or a cousin!). It emphasizes the child’s strengths, and encourages him/her to take on challenges. Also, the portfolio is flexible and can be adapted to each homeschool family, according to their children’s passions and their own educational approach.

Finally, the portfolio is an interesting alternative to school exams where this form of evaluation is not appropriate for a child, as well as for parents who otherwise would wrongly feel obliged to follow the ministry curriculum.


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