At first glance, to agree to an evaluation whereby the child presents his/her portfolio to school personnel could seem to be an interesting choice. However, one must realize that to engage in this path would affirm school administration’s authority over the evaluation of children, in the same way as for exams administered at school or at the school board offices. Furthermore, it contributes to getting caught up in the system without knowing how far this could go. Indeed, in the MELS policy proposal, the object of evaluation is quite broad, since all that is referred to is the Québec Education Program, and that the frequency of evaluation is not specified; there is therefore much room for the arbitrary. Finally, even if some school administrators are friendly, we must always be reminded that, in the end, school board personnel must accomplish what they are asked to. In conclusion, much like the administration of in-school exams, we are at the school administrators’ mercy, within a system that our children are not even a part of.  

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