Invest regularly in quality basic materials such as a dictionary, a grammar book, an atlas, classical literature, etc. Need some inspiration? Consult our educational resources.

Choose educational materials which you will want to use and not because it is recommended by the latest educational trend or “reform”, or because it is part of a certain curriculum. Keep your goals in mind and avoid the trap of reproducing “public school at home”.

Your local library is a gold mine! You will not need textbooks for subjects other than math and the skills you need to develop for language arts (grammar and sentence structure). Your children will acquire knowledge in real books! Unit studies are based on this approach.

Tap into the human resources available in your family and your community: grandparents, neighbours, friends, etc. Weigh the pros and cons of group field trips as a group. On the one hand, certain field trips require a minimum number of participants; on the other, some activities work better with a smaller number of children, thus allowing them to take the time needed in gathering information without being mutually dependent.

Be wary of an overdose of organized activities. Exhaustion may result, for mother and children. Don’t try and reproduce the school system!

A local support group can be of great encouragement to the mom. ACPEQ can put you in touch with a moms’ group. These get-togethers are gaining in popularity in many areas.

ACPEQ is your resource for homeschooling in Québec! The more families your association represents, the more it gains in credibility with the ministry of education (MELS).