It is essential for both parents to agree to the idea of homeschooling.

Husband and wife should have an in-depth discussion about their expectations (goals, philosophy of education, transmission of values, etc.).

Dad’s and/or mom’s paid work schedule(s) need(s) to be considered. Should any changes be made?

The number of children and their ages will influence your choice of educational approach, including their participation in daily household tasks (even at a young age).

Homeschooling allows everyone to fully relish the arrival of a new baby. Plan for more projects, research and individual reading for the other children to facilitate this transition.

Health challenges you may face, either for the parents or for the children, are an education in themselves, making way for concrete learning of respect for others and their well-being.

Children’s particular talents and interests are developed to their full potential since there is ample time to do so.

Different learning styles will determine the educational approach (from individualized workbooks to unit studies). There is nothing better than a “tailor-made” education for your child!

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Children’s motivation will have a better chance of being maintained where projects and learning activities are geared to their interests.

Parents have the latitude necessary to develop their children’s autonomy. Determining those aspects which are “non negotiable”, understood by the children and reinforced
by the parents, is also part of the learning experience.

Our children may be siblings but each one is so different! Avoid making comparisons between them. Each has his own pace for learning.

Interruptions allow the parent-educators to sharpen their management skills… as well as their patience! It is important to properly react to life situations and serve as a role model for your children.

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