Some Educational Approaches: Recommendations

How Do We Choose Our Approach to Homeschooling?

Experimenting with different approaches will allow you to find the one which best suits your family. The time taken in researching “your style” can take two to three years, or become obvious after two or three attempts with different approaches. Clearly defined goals in core subject areas (math and language arts) are helpful, without necessarily establishing a strict time limit for the first years of schooling. It is well known that boys are not ready for formal instruction at the same time as girls for certain skills (particularly reading and writing). Integration of subjects allows for children to work on the same topic at the same time, each according to his/her capacities and level of learning. In a typical day, children 6 to 8 years old can be exposed to 2 to 4 periods of formal instruction, 15 to 20 minutes each. This gives them ample time for play! Keeping written records of the acquired knowledge and skills your children demonstrate for the first time (baking bread, planning the family garden, etc.) will be easy to insert in a portfolio. You are worried there may be “holes” in your children’s education? Remember that what is important is that they develop the aptitude of learning how to learn. This way, they will be equipped for life!