The Association of Christian Parent-Educators of Québec is a non-profit organization whose main objectives are to inform, support, and encourage families who have chosen to homeschool, or who are considering this option. ACPEQ is a Christian bilingual association, which represents Québec parent-educators who become members, regardless of their religious affiliation.

ACPEQ’s philosophy represents the foundation on which are based all of the Association’s actions and decisions:

  1. ACPEQ affirms the primacy of parental responsibility for the welfare, socialization and education of their children regardless of their philosophy of education.
  2. ACPEQ is dedicated to the education and socialization of children in the natural setting of the family.
  3. ACPEQ acknowledges that the state has an interest in the education of the young but asserts that such interest is secondary to the responsibility of parents over education.
  4. ACPEQ believes that the right to home education includes not merely a right over the place in which the education occurs but a right to determine the content, process and timing of this education.
  5. ACPEQ holds that student assessment is an integral aspect of the education process and that therefore parents have the ultimate right and responsibility to determine the methods and instruments to be used.
  6. ACPEQ holds that the state must exercise its interest in the education of children by the least intrusive means.
  7. ACPEQ pursues and recommends, within the framework of its philosophy, a policy of constructive interaction in dealing with officials of the Ministry of Education and local school boards.

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