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National Concertation Table on Home Education of August 17, 2018


The meeting of the National Concertation Table on Home Education on August 17, 2018 focused on the 2018-2019 work plan, in particular on the preparation of the guide to good practices.

Here is a summary of the discussions:

  • Questions submitted by our members will be forwarded directly to the Home Education Department. We will forward those that have already been submitted and we will communicate the responses as soon as we receive them.
  • Structure and operation of the Direction de l’enseignement à la maison :
    • The management is made up of three (3) people. Interviews are underway to hire the minister’s representatives who will liaise with families for home education monitoring. According to the Director, Mr. Christian Rousseau, very high quality candidates have been met. They have relevant training, varied expertise from the Quebec school system, other provinces or countries, as well as experience with home teaching. These people seem to be very motivated, interested and qualified.
    • The Minister’s representatives will work as a team to create a positive and constructive synergy aimed at sharing each other’s skills.
  • A section dedicated to homeschooling has been added to the ministry’s website.
  • Mr. Rousseau encourages us to submit the Home Teaching Notice via the secure website no later than September 1.
    After consulting the HSLDA legal counsel on this matter, we invite you to use this appropriate and efficient electronic means. If you wish to submit the Notice using the paper form, use the ministry’s form or provide the required information in the format of your choice.
  • Families who do not have a declaration of eligibility for instruction in English will be able to do home instruction in English. On the other hand, the Francophone school board to which the family will be assigned does not have the obligation to support them in English. Families could submit an English portfolio to the ministry representative if the ministry decides to allow it. Certainly, this issue will be the subject of further discussion.
  • What we send to the ministry should allow us to assess the child’s progress. This message is repeated ad nauseam.

We are forging a new path. There is still a lot to be done to implement this beautiful social project of teaching at home. Thanks to your dedication, your commitment, your prayers and the grace of God, we will be the salt and the light of our fellow citizens.

Remember to send your opinion no later than September 1. The Guide to Home Schooling in Quebec prepared by HSLDA and ACPEQ will be published in the coming days. The child’s learning plan must be submitted in writing to the Minister no later than September 30.

I take this opportunity to thank André Riendeau, outgoing president of ACPEQ, for accompanying me to all these meetings. Thank you for your good testimonies and your prayers.


Patrice Boileau, ing., MBA

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