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Post-secondary; Pathways to Graduate Studies, with Sylvie Crasci

How to access higher education after leaving home school? Come and join us to discuss the different options! Sylvie Crasci will talk to you about it. Register quickly so you don't miss anything!

February 2nd

What is Homeschooling?

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Homeschooling is definitely NOT simply “school at home” ‒ it’s much more than that. At ACPEQ we believe homeschooling is a calling where each family weaves life moments into an educational experience through their worldview. From practicing fractions while baking cookies to learning history through an immersive family holiday, homeschooling provides children an unparalleled opportunity to learn in creative ways that cater to their specific passions and needs. While the basic skills of math, reading and writing are taught, homeschooling brings families together. Operating on a schedule that works well with Mom and Dad’s livelihood, parents can be more involved in the nurturing of their child’s character and development of life skills. Relationships are strengthened and problems are worked out together. In short, homeschooling is a way of life.

~ Ivan Cyr, ACPEQ’s ex-president



English as a Second Language Courses

Are you looking for an effective solution for your children’s English learning? We present DeMoiToYou, a solution adapted for Quebecers and for the needs of the home school.

DeMoiToYou is an English learning platform that can be used with or without a tutor. To learn more, we invite you to listen to their presentation video.

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ACPEQ’s interview at “Bonjour chez vous”

Very recently, our president and spokesperson M. Patrice Boileau as well as his wife Mrs. Sylvie Crasci, in charge of the ACPEQ conference, were on the set of the Christian show “Bonjour chez vous”.

The theme of the show: “How to be a parent involved in your child’s schooling?”

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ACPEQ Prayer Group

Priez sans cesse This year, ACPEQ has established two official prayer groups. A prayer group for Francophones led by Mrs.

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November 2020 NewsLetter

Association of Christian Parent-Educators of Quebec NEWSLETTER We’re here for the families! Mathematics Workshops ACPEQ offers its members a series

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"When we started homeschooling, we first had to learn how to live as a family again. There was a period of adjustment, but now we have a much more united family. This way of life allows us to accompany each of our children according to their own rhythm and way of learning, because each child is unique. We now have quality time and a much healthier pace of life. Above all, I've learned that learning is not just a matter of having your nose in a book, it's about the day-to-day of life."

La famille Côté

"What I enjoy most about homeschooling is watching my children blossom and grow like a beautiful garden that produces fruit in abundance! There is nothing more rewarding for me to see that our efforts and love are producing tangible results and transforming our children on a daily basis. Life at home with several children is a real mini-society, where we learn to help each other, to develop our talents and qualities, to forgive each other, to take our place. And despite the difficulties and the sometimes complicated path, there is a lot of joy and happiness in being together every day!"

La famille Arsenault

"Choosing to homeschool is not choosing the easy way out. It is choosing to test and maintain the parent-child connection, it is choosing to grow up alongside our children, it is choosing to redo one's own education, it is choosing to go to the foot of the cross daily to ask for God's grace, wisdom and patience. Going alone in this project is unthinkable. We need God's support and the accompaniment of parents who have already lived through it to de-dramatize and defuse more difficult situations. It is still the best decision we have ever made. "

La famille Jean-François et Fannie Marcoux

"We made the choice to keep our children at home to have the privilege of watching them grow at their own pace every day. To be able to marvel at all the potential that God has given them and to have a more natural, relaxed family rhythm. When you begin the adventure of homeschooling, it's like starting a new job. The first months are unsettling and demanding. We must give ourselves time to get used to our new tasks and our new reality before we become comfortable and more confident."

La famille Frédérick et Patricia Beaucage

"For us, home school is the joy of seeing our children develop their talents and passions, and for us, it is music, visual arts, crafts and computers. For my part, as an educator, I am happy to be able to take the time to explore all kinds of pedagogies and to implement those that I feel are best suited to my children. I used Montessori pedagogy in my early years, I discovered reading aloud, and for the past 2 years, I have been exploring Charlotte Mason pedagogy...It's exciting! Also, what has been very beneficial for us is to be able to adapt to our children's learning styles and pace. With children who are not too intellectual, more like artists and manual workers, and who have some learning difficulties, we have to adapt, be patient, not be afraid to occasionally leave academic subjects aside and let their talents emerge. We have been able to experience this. I think homeschooling has allowed us, as a family, to simply BE: "OURSELVES."

La famille Véronique Fairise et Alexandre Gauvin