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What is homeschooling?

Homeschooling is definitely NOT simply “school at home” ‒ it’s much more than that.  At ACPEQ we believe homeschooling is a calling where each family weaves life moments into an educational experience through their worldview.  From practicing fractions while baking cookies to learning history through an immersive family holiday, homeschooling provides children an unparalleled opportunity to learn in creative ways that cater to their specific passions and needs.  While the basic skills of math, reading and writing are taught, homeschooling brings families together.  Operating on a schedule that works well with Mom and Dad’s livelihood, parents can be more involved in the nurturing of their child’s character and development of life skills.  Relationships are strengthened and problems are worked out together.  In short, homeschooling is a way of life.

~ Ivan Cyr, ACPEQ President

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"When we started homeschooling, we had to re-learn to live as a family. There was a period of adjustment, but today, we are much more united. This way of life allows us to accompany each of our children, respect their personal rhythm and learning method, because each child is unique. We now have a much healthier lifestyle and lots of quality time. Above all, I realize that our daily lives can serve as a great learning tool. It's not always about keeping your noses in books."
The Côté family
"What I enjoy most about homeschooling is seeing my children grow and grow like a beautiful garden that produces fruit in abundance! There is nothing more rewarding for me to see that our efforts and love are delivering tangible results and transforming our children on a daily basis. Life at home with several children is like living in a mini-society, where we learn to help each other, develop our talents and qualities, forgive each other, and take our place. And despite the difficulties and the sometimes complicated path, there is a lot of joy and happiness to be together every day!"
The Arsenault family
"Choosing to homeschool is not choosing the easy way. It is choosing to test and maintain the parent-child connection, it is to grow up alongside our children, it is to rebuild one's own education, it is to go at the feet of the cross daily and ask for grace, wisdom and patience from God. Going it alone in this project is unthinkable. It takes the support of God and the support of parents who have already experienced it, to help appease more difficult situations and realize they are not so dramatic. It's still the best decision we've ever made."
The Jean-François and Fannie Marcoux family
"We chose to keep our children at home, so we could have the privilege of watching them blossom every day as they would go at their own pace. To see them fill with wonder as they realize all the potential God has given them. To have a more natural and relaxed rhythm as a family. When you start on the adventure of homeschooling, it's like starting a new job. The first months are unsettling and demanding. You have to give yourself time to master your new tasks and your new reality before you can feel more at ease and gain self-confidence."
The Frédérik and Patricia Beaucage family