Marwah Rizqy at our General Assembly

Joyeux Noël 2020

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Dear Members and Friends,

It is with pleasure that we inform you that the Liberal MNA for the riding of Saint-Laurent and education critic, Mrs Marwah Rizqy, will be present at our general assembly next Sunday, September 15. She will have the opportunity to address the participants after hearing our expert-speakers. For more information about out GA, please click on the following link.

Look forward in meeting you,

Your friend,

Patrice Boileau, Eng. MBA
Volunteer spokesperson
Parent educator for 15 years


I believe in it! I'm getting involved!

ACPEQ is composed of dedicated volunteers who generously invest their time and talents to advance and support the cause of homeschooling.

A large number of volunteer families within ACPEQ is essential to enable us to offer the services that support homeschooling, improve support for members, and create a welcoming atmosphere in our association. A wide volunteer base is what will permit us to influence the next generation of homeschooling families.   Be involved - become an ACPEQ volunteer.


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Message from the President

Dear members and friends,

As we approach the celebration of Christmas, which is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord, I am expressing a little editorial, before offering you my greetings.

Every year, as Christians, we have the incredible occasion to make a difference in the lives of our loved ones, friends, neighbours and colleagues, especially in this time of pandemic!

English as a Second Language Courses

Are you looking for an effective solution for your children’s English learning? We present DeMoiToYou, a solution adapted for Quebecers and for the needs of the home school.

DeMoiToYou is an English learning platform that can be used with or without a tutor. To learn more, we invite you to listen to their presentation video.

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