Association of Christian Parents-Educators of Québec

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Participant's Guide

Consult the complete guide for the conference. You will discover the program and much more.

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Photos Élia - Élia Martineau
Peter Stock

April 28 2022 9:00

Alloprof Ressources

Élia Martineau                                                Dive into the world of Alloprof, and discover its featured tools and aimed ressources for ministerial exams preparation. (French)

April 29 2022 9:00

Encouraging Scripture Memorization

Madame Girard                                        Madame Girard will talk about the value of memorizing the Word of God, with examples. She will present music as a mean to facilitate the learning. (French)

April 30 2022 9:00

HSLDA Canada Legal Update

Peter Stock                                                    Peter Stock will share the latest legal and political news, focusing in particular on the CAQ’s current treatment of home educators over the requirement to write provincial exams.

20200330 (2) - Zachariah Kenney
Photo JC Huet - Janvier 2021 - Jean-Christophe Huet
Dr. Jay Wile pic

April 28 2022 11:00

Plan the Work, Work the Plan

Zachariah Kenney                                        Tips and guidelines as you think through how to plan and then implement your homeschool day, week, month, and year.

April 29 2022 11:00

Transmitting in a Changing World

Jean-Christophe Huet                                        Between avoidance and encouragement : christian parents and the challenge of transmitting in a world where the belief systems and values are changing. (French)

April 30 2022 11:00

Teaching High School Science at Home

Jay L. Wile                                                            Dr. Wile will explain how any parent can help his child learning science at high school level and above.

profil - Vénusia G
Laurence Tisdall
Hal & Melanie

April 28 2022 13:30

Competencies, our Allies

Vénusia Fortier                                Understanding the role and usefulness of the competencies of the ministry program. A good portion of the time will be allocated to questions.

April 29 2022 13:30

On the Traces of Dinosaurs

Laurence Tisdall                                            Live from a paleontological site in Texas, Laurence will tell us about recent discoveries and discuss with us the analysis and interpretations that these fossils can inspire. (French)

April 30 2022 13:30

Managing, Couple Relationship While Homeschooling

Hal and Melanie Young                                Description to come
277820636_3293455907607555_5876357611313053700_n - Natacha Lauzon
Laurence Tisdall

April 28 2022 15:30

Parents-children Exercises

Natacha Lauzon                                      Experimenting, in the form of playful training, different movements that families can integrate, as they choose, into their physical fitness activity. (French)

April 29 2022 15:30

Creation Evidence Museum

Laurence Tisdall                                                 Participants will have the opportunity to ask their questions about the museum, artifacts as well as the scientific and historic evidence for the biblical account of God’s Creation.

April 30 2022 15:30

News From ACPEQ

Patrice Boileau                                            What is happenning and what is ahead for ACPEQ?

Thursday Evening April 28 18:30 - 22:00

IMG alexandra-300
Sylvie Vandevoorde

April 28 2022 18:30-19:00

Children Stories

Alexandra L’Heureux Bilodeau                    She will share with love and passion tales of the world, where we’ll discover a golden thread to see inside of us. (French)

April 28 2022 19:00-20:30

Dad's Coffee Break

Jodler Vidal                                              Sipping! a nice arabica infusion, dads are pretenting to be busy (to avoid the dishes).

April 28 2022 20:30

Mom's Coffee Break

Sylvie Maurais                                                  Moms, are discussing and sharing around a good cup of coffee.

ACPEQ members get access to recorded workshops about the relationship with the DEM, learning approaches and a few monthly workshops, Here

Discovery day

This activity aims to introduce new resources to enrich your homeschooling. You will be informed about products and services and will be able to ask your questions. See the Participant’s Guide for participating organizations.