Le Concours de l’ACPEQ pour les jeunes artistes, photographes,
écrivains et créateurs

The ACPEQ Contest for Young Artists, Photographers,
Creative Writers, and Art Creators

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Images must be sent before April 16, 2021!

ARTPEC: ACPEQ's contest for kids!

Hey kids, here’s your chance to show what you love to do with your ten fingers 🤲… or toes 👣! Texts, drawings, photos or other creative activities (cooking, carpentry, construction, snow castle and +😃): here’s a contest for you! 🌟

Take a picture of  📸 your text (1 page max.), your drawing, your photo (oops no need, it’s already a picture 😜), your cake, your Lego castle, your sparrow hut, your Meccano construction, etc. and participate in the contest by sending us your picture!

All participants must send their images before Friday, April 16, 2021!

Age of participants

The contest is divided into the following age groups:

ARPTEC mini ***

Participants will be able to submit 1 image per category, in the following four categories:

Creative Writing
Creative activity

***Do you have a toddler who would love to show off his artistic talents, but is not yet old enough to enter the contest? 

No problem!

We are happy to offer the opportunity for children from 1 to 5 years old to show us what they can do with their 10 fingers! Each of them will receive a beautiful certificate of participation, in addition to the thoughtful comments that members will leave behind as they peruse the gallery. 

Please note that ARTPEC mini participants will not be eligible to receive the official contest prizes.


The 🥈prizes will be awarded for each discipline (photography, drawing/painting, composition and creative activities) in the following age categories: 6-7 years, 8-10 years, 11-13 years, 14-17 years, at the conference to be held May 1-7 💐.

All children will also receive a beautiful certificate of participation for their portfolio (this is more of a gift for moms…😉)

List of prizes to be won :

  • 28 prizes to be won in the different categories (value ~ 50$)
    • Jury’s favorite (4 prizes, 1/age range)
    • Public Vote (16 awards, 1 per category/age range)
    • Draw among participants (4 prizes, 1/age range
  • Types of prizes :
    • Prizes offered by the Forfaiterie :
      • Family package at the Inukshuk Adventure Super Maze (in Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier near Quebec City)
      • Daily Access Package for 2 adults and 2 children at the Economuseum Zoo (Montreal)
      • 1 player home escape challenge package & 2 Cineplex general admission tickets for kids including 2 children’s combos (popcorn and soft drink)
      • Subscription to the Junior Globe-trotters Series
  • Prizes offered by Dollorama
    • Gift Card
  • Prizes offered by Gladius
    • 8 board games
  • Grand Prize Draw, offered by the Forfaiterie: a random draw among all participants who have submitted a work of art.
How to win ?

Public Favourite Award

All ACPEQ members who register for the conference will be encouraged to vote for their favourite works by browsing through the contest pages. Votes will be accumulated to determine one winner per category, for each age group. Members will also be encouraged to leave comments below the images.

Judge’s Favourite Award 

A Judge’s Favourite Award will also be given for each age group regardless of category.


1 random draw among all participants in an age group will take place.

1 big draw for all participants of all age groups and categories will be made to finalize the contest.

Register now! We can’t wait to discover the artist in you! 

Popular Vote

Participants will have until April 16, 2021 to send in their images. The popular vote will take place from April 17 to 30, 2021.

How to register ?

The ARTPEC Contest is open to the children of all ACPEQ members who register for the conference. To submit your children’s photos, you must be logged in to the Member’s Area and have paid for your access to the convention by choosing from the packages offered to members.

Your children can participate in the contest in the category of their choice:

  1. Photography
  2. Drawing/Painting
  3. Composition
  4. Creative activity

Feeling extra creative? Good for them! Each child can participate once in each category.

Before entering the contest, take a picture 📸 of your child’s text (1 page max), drawing, photo (oops no need, it’s already a photo 😜), cake, Lego castle, sparrow house, Meccano construction, etc. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Save the photo on your computer
  2. Go to the main page of the conference.
  3. Select the tab: “ARTPEC Contest” in the menu at the top of the page.
  4. Read the contest rules.
  5. In the main conference menu (top of the page), select “ARTPEC Contest” and navigate the sub-menu to find the age range that corresponds to the age of the child for whom you wish to submit the photo.
  6. From the colored menu, choose the “Upload Photo” option.
  7. Write the full name and age of your child
  8. Give a title to your child’s picture and add your child’s name again (in the title)
    1. Please note that the name of the author of the picture will always match the username of the parent. Unfortunately, this feature could not be disabled. That’s why you need to put your child’s name in the title of the work as well.
  9. Place the picture in the right category
    Select the image you want to upload. You will need to click on “parcourir” and choose your photo from where it is located on your computer.
    Check the box “J’ai lu et j’accepte le règlement officiel du concours“.
    Click on “soumettre la photo“.
  10. That’s it!

Good luck to everyone !



  • Photo Contest
  • Drawing / Painting Contest
  • Creative Writing Contest
  • Creative Activity Contest

6-7 years old

  • Photo Contest
  • Drawing / Painting Contest
  • Creative Writing Contest
  • Creative Activity Contest

8-10 Year Old

  • Photo Contest
  • Drawing / Painting Contest
  • Creative Writing Contest
  • Creative Activity Contest

11-13 Years Old

  • Photo Contest
  • Drawing / Painting Contest
  • Creative Writing Contest
  • Creative Activity Contest

14-16 Years Old

  • Photo Contest
  • Drawing / Painting Contest
  • Creative Writing Contest
  • Creative Activity Contest