Association Chrétienne des Parents-Éducateurs du Québec

Invitation to engage with your MNA

Dear members and friends,

In a previous message, we informed you that this morning, March 27, 2019, the Quebec Minister of
Education, Mr. Jean-François Roberge, had tabled a new draft regulation in the National Assembly. This draft regulation provides for the imposition of ministerial examinations, the presence of the child at the annual meeting, and the reintroduction of the notion of "equivalence" to the cycles of instruction used in the schools. It should be kept in mind that this project does not only concern illegal schools but all families in the homeschooling context as well.

As you know, the various homeschool associations had not been made aware of the government’s newest intentions.

Now we invite you to express your concerns and opposition to your MNA regarding this proposed regulation. Be sure to contact your MNA personally rather than your constituency team or office, as not all of these people will necessarily be aware of certain important points in this dossier. For example, some constituency employees are unaware that the project affects all families in home education and not just some targeted cases.

To read the text of this draft regulation, see the links below

HSLDA has presented suggestions of arguments to be submitted to your MNA. We invite you to consult them in the link below

We must mobilize ourselves for homeschooling and continue to demystify and help this beautiful educational path to be known and understood by those who govern us.


Warm regards,


Patrice Boileau, Eng., MBA

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ACPEQ is composed of dedicated volunteers who generously invest their time and talents to advance and support the cause of homeschooling.

A large number of volunteer families within ACPEQ is essential to enable us to offer the services that support homeschooling, improve support for members, and create a welcoming atmosphere in our association. A wide volunteer base is what will permit us to influence the next generation of homeschooling families. Be involved – become an ACPEQ volunteer.





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