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Graduation Ceremony

ACPEQ 2020 & 2021 Graduation Squad
ACPEQ 2020 & 2021 Graduation Squad

The ACPEQ graduation ceremony is an important milestone and an incentive to move on to the next stage with greater strength.

The completion of high school deserves to be celebrated in style! It is an exciting moment in the life of a young person who may be moving from general education to a vocational field or to higher education.

The event will include a cap and gown ceremony with a diploma, a reception with cake, juice and coffee, and a photography session for the graduates and their families.

Each year, families who attend the ACPEQ graduation tell us how encouraged and blessed they are to see and hear from our young people, a living testimony of the results of homeschooling!

We would like to prepare for this ceremony and order the necessary accessories. To do so, ACPEQ needs to know how many graduates are interested in participating. Please fill in the form below before  April 29th.

Information on the graduation ceremony date and registration fees will be communicated shortly.

We need parents to help form the planning committee for this ceremony. Please check the box in the form below.

Note that parents must be members of ACPEQ to have their graduates participate in the Graduation Ceremony. For any questions regarding the ceremony, please email

Registration for graduation ceremony

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