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A Word from the President – August 2023

un mot du president

Hello everyone,

With the school year over, we are taking some time to relax, and I’m sure most families are doing the same. We are especially happy to have celebrated our eldest son’s graduation, and it’s quite an accomplishment both for him and for us as parents. When you start out, you can’t see the finish line, but the years go by so quickly… We were happy to share this moment with 13 graduates at the ACPEQ 2023 Graduation this year. Well done, everyone! I encourage you to cherish every moment with your children from the very beginning and use this time with them to equip them for their future.

We’re delighted to announce that the Beauce support group is organizing the first regional conference. Instead of having a single large event in the Montreal region toward the end of the school year, we want to encourage regional groups to organize one-day conferences to meet the needs of local families, and to invite families from other regions. We believe this is the best formula for the current year, after several years of virtual conferences.

We therefore announce a first meeting in Saint-Georges, on Saturday, October 21, 2023, an initiative of the Beauce Home School Support Group, in collaboration with ACPEQ. On the agenda: a motivating plenary session and several workshops on topics of relevance to you, whether you’re just starting out with your home schooling journey or are veterans in the field.

To receive ALL the information and updates on this regional conference, visit the Congrès régional sur l’école-maison-2023 Facebook page.

Also, for the 2023-24 school year, we are preparing a calendar including several virtual workshops addressing various needs. This will be communicated to you in September.

In closing, we encourage you to take advantage of your summer to reflect and take action on how to establish healthy family habits. We’re often so focused on curriculum and requirements that we lack the energy and time to be spiritual role models for our children. Let’s be role models first, then do the teaching.

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