Entrepreneurs: Advertise your business card!

In these pandemic times, ACPEQ would like to give a helping hand to its members who are entrepreneurs or business owners by offering them the opportunity to display their business cards in the Participant’s Guide at the next conference.

The Participant’s Guide is a downloadable PDF document that contains all the information you need to participate in the conference: schedule, conferences’ and workshops’ descriptions, sponsors, etc. This document, located on every page of the conference website, is available to all participants and can be used all year round.

For as little as $20, publish your ad inside, sized as a business card: 88.9 mm x 50.8 mm (3.5 in. x 2 in.).

You must provide us with a JPG image (resolution 1280 px X 960 px).

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Entrepreneurs: Have you thought about registering for the conference?

As a homeschooler, we invest long hours in educating our children. This year, because of the pandemic, many families may feel isolated in this adventure. Or the routine has set in, and there is a lack of novelty. Or a particular obstacle slows down the journey. Make the most of the next conference to get new ideas and encouragement, to meet inspiring people or to share your experience!

Our speakers and workshop leaders will address various topics for the benefit of your mind and heart:

  • The role of the parent educator;
  • leadership;
  • Practical ways of home-schooling;
  • the pleasure of learning;
  • how to teach children throughout their primary and secondary years;
  • options for post-secondary education;
  • youth workshops and more!
What is ACPEQ?

The Association of Christian Parent-Educators of Quebec (ACPEQ) is a bilingual, non-profit Christian organization whose goal is to inform, support, and encourage families who have chosen to teach their children at home or who are considering this option.  ACPEQ provides relevant information to all those interested in homeschooling: what homeschooling is, how it is accomplished in Quebec, and how to begin or continue to manage your home school.

ACPEQ members also have access to information sessions, training activities or workshops, and an annual conference.

Entrepreneurs: Advertise your business card!

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