The Power of the ACPEQ Conference

Last spring a little seed buried deeply within my consciousness started to germinate. It was called homeschooling. I welcomed it with enthusiasm and began to water it daily by becoming more informed on this subject. I soon realized that this was a complex project that required an execution which left
little margin for error since my children were in secondary 4 and secondary 2 (Grades 10 and 8) at the time. The more information I accumulated, the more I realized that I needed to go beyond just reading.

Message from the President – March 2021

Dear Members

We are exactly two (2) months away from the second Virtual Conference, to be held from May 1st to May 7th. I invite you to watch and share our promotional video. Several people are working hard to offer you an outstanding conference. Register now!

Do you remember your very first steps?

Do you remember your very first steps? I am not talking about your first steps as a baby, but the ones that made you a parent educator. At first you were insecure. You were overwhelmed by a plethora of unanswered questions. Your thoughts were regularly clouded with anxiety. While on one hand you had the firm conviction that homeschooling was the best choice, on the other hand you feared failure and were afraid of holding back your precious children…

Message from the President – February 2021

Dear members,

In January, I told you that a meeting with DEM was to be held. It did take place. I had the opportunity to report the results of our discussions to our support group leaders. In fact, I thank them all for taking the time to attend the meeting (there was also a Dad!) They will be able to report on all our exchanges at your support group meetings.

Graduation Ceremony

Oups… Il semblerait que vous n’ayez pas accès au contenu de cette page. Devenez membre de l’ACPEQ pour profiter du […]

Message from the President

Dear members,

I wish each and every one of your family members a year 2021 with health, peace, prosperity and inspiring and stimulating challenges.

Using the Right Strategies to Home-School Successfully

As parent educators, we occasionally find ourselves exhausted from our homeschool schedule and the management of our household. Therefore, we often turn into a drill sergeant. Yet, homeschooling is more effective when our priorities are set elsewhere. A child’s learning difficulties or pace and everyday life interruptions are beyond our control. However,