Association of Christian Parents-Educators of Québec

A Word from the President – August 2023

Hello everyone, With the school year over, we are taking some time to relax, and I’m sure most families are doing the same. We are especially happy to have celebrated […]

A Word from the President – April 2023

Hello everyone, The school year is passing by quickly and it will soon be time to create our end of year reports! Several annual meetings between families and the DEM […]


Drapeau du Québec

Bien préparer le suivi avec la DEM  Vous êtes conviés à une rencontre Zoom, le samedi 29 avril 2023 à 10 h 30. Comment gérer nos relations avec les autorités […]

Graduation Ceremony

The ACPEQ graduation ceremony is an important milestone and an incentive to move on to the next stage with greater strength. The completion of high school deserves to be celebrated […]

Let’s close the school books for a while!

What can we do when the children’s motivation decreases and a certain sense of lethargy creeps into our home school? When no one wants to do “school” work and sighs […]

A Long and Rocky Road

A few weeks ago, we went through a rather difficult situation when illness invaded our family and two of my children had to be hospitalized, one after the other. On […]

Continue without getting discouraged

If I asked you why you chose to homeschool, what would you say? What would be the strong emotion attached to your decision? Now, if I asked you to explain […]

December 2022 Newsletter

A word from the president Greetings to all of you in this month of December. We are already at the end of a year that may have been too busy […]

It’s time to take stock!

It’s check-in time at our house! I’m not talking about the mid-term reports we have to hand in to the DEM (which we all love to write, don’t we? Hi […]

November 2022 Newsletter

A word from the president As you may have read in the last newsletter, Patrice Boileau has asked me to take over as president of ACPEQ. I would like to […]