Message from the President

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Dear members and friends,

At the time this is being written, the curfew has been lifted for 2 days across Quebec! If this government decision does not directly affect our homeschool activities, the easing of other health measures allows us to hope for pleasant summer activities and especially for the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year when the support groups should finally be able to resume.

Graduation Ceremony 2021

We are privileged to have among us homeschooled high school graduates! Each year, families who attend the ACPEQ graduation tell us how encouraged and blessed they are to see and hear from our young people, a living testimony of the results of homeschooling!

Message from the President

Dear members,

Our 2nd virtual convention is less than a month away! I invite you to register now. The conference organizers have put together a great program with international guests.

The Power of the ACPEQ Conference

Last spring a little seed buried deeply within my consciousness started to germinate. It was called homeschooling. I welcomed it with enthusiasm and began to water it daily by becoming more informed on this subject. I soon realized that this was a complex project that required an execution which left
little margin for error since my children were in secondary 4 and secondary 2 (Grades 10 and 8) at the time. The more information I accumulated, the more I realized that I needed to go beyond just reading.

Message from the President – March 2021

Dear Members

We are exactly two (2) months away from the second Virtual Conference, to be held from May 1st to May 7th. I invite you to watch and share our promotional video. Several people are working hard to offer you an outstanding conference. Register now!

Do you remember your very first steps?

Do you remember your very first steps? I am not talking about your first steps as a baby, but the ones that made you a parent educator. At first you were insecure. You were overwhelmed by a plethora of unanswered questions. Your thoughts were regularly clouded with anxiety. While on one hand you had the firm conviction that homeschooling was the best choice, on the other hand you feared failure and were afraid of holding back your precious children…