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Structured vs. unstructured, homeschooling vs. unschooling, teaching at home vs. homeschooling, home education vs. institutional school at home. What’s the difference? Who cares?! Everyone should because it all depends on your values, beliefs, and worldview. Further, do you want to be stressed out, or on an adventure with your children? Dr. Brian Ray will give you insight, theory, practice, and research statistics from his 37 years of studying homeschooling and his wife’s and his parent-led home-based education of eight children. Do you want to be stressed out trying to reproduce someone else’s — be it an “expert educator” or your friend the homeschooler — vision of school at home, or delight in and be blessed by all of the advantages, opportunities, and beauties that are systemically a part of homeschooling of which institutional school teacher can only dream? Dr. Ray will encourage, equip, and inspire you toward the latter.


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